Thursday, November 25, 2010

If it's on the Internet it Must be True

The top staff of the IDF division in the northern West Bank are taking Arabic lessons. Lieutenant colonels up to the brigadier. The project is run by a Druze lt.colonel, who's mother tongue is Arabic.

Israel and India are about to sign a "preferred trade agreement". (Hebrew link). Thus a whole new (sub)continent is opened wide for the BDS activists to agitate.

You've probably heard stories about how Israeli troops allow Palestinian patients to die at roadblocks. Well, so far this year 180,000 (!) Palestinians have been treated in Israeli hospitals. Where would you prefer to be a Palestinian: in Syria, Lebanon, or the Occupied West Bank?

Warren Buffet: "Israel possesses a disproportionate quantity of brains and ideas…If you look for oil in the Middle East, skip Israel. However, if you look for brains, stop in Israel."

AKUS reports on an Israeli flotilla setting out to save the poor Irish.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Warren Buffett is wrong: we now have oil and gas!

Wake up, Woz, it may not suit you and your mate Soros, but guess what: IT'S TRUE!