Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mainstream Palestinians Lie About Something Important

I was talking earlier today with a friend who has spent just about every single day of professional activity these past 40-some years listening to Arab media, politics and culture; he's a well known expert. He called my attention to the story about how the Palestinians are denying any Jewish connection to the Western Wall. My friend says this is not mere fluff or ephemeralia; it's the mainstream Palestinian effort at the moment. And note that Salam Fayad, universally feted as The Moderate, is adding his voice to the chorus.

There is of course truth in the Palestinian claim that there's no proof that the Western Wall was built in Solomon's time: because it wasn't. It was built by Herod, about 900 years after Solomon. No-one ever said otherwise. In effect, the Palestinian line of reasoning says that the Jews claim their Temple stood on the mountain 3,000 years ago, but since there's no proof the current structure from 900 years later was there 3000 years ago, the whole thing is clearly a lie. Cute, isn't it. Like all good propaganda, a kernel of truth added to lots of ignorance and the eagerness of the audience to believe, and suddenly reality is turned on its head.


Y. Ben-David said...

It was inevitable the Palestinians would demand the Western Wall (Olmert was willing to give it to them in some form). After the 1929 Arab riots which led to the massacre of Jews in Hevron, the British held an inquiry. The conclusion they reached was that the Western Wall was actually a MUSLIM HOLY PLACE which they generously allowed the Jews to pray at under restricted conditions (no mechitza, no shofar blowing). This will be their demand in the "peace negotiations". Should it be handed to a neutral "international body" with "guarantees" for Jewish access we can be SURE that the Muslims will begin harrassing Jews going there and claiming that they have the right to restrict (and eventually eliminate) the Jewish presence.
Any Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria and especially any Israeli agreement to divide Jerusalem in any form will embolden the most extreme Muslim elements who will then act to drive Jews out of the area entirely. They will say "you see, the Jews are weak, they are afraid of us, they don't even defent their own holy places, so if we keep up the pressure, they will ultimately flee the country entirely". One of the lies the "peace camp" propagated is that "the Palestinians will be reasonable and will recognize Jewish sovereignity over the Western Wall (forget the Temple Mount!) and the Jewish Quarter". It is now clear that was a myth. We must stop the rot NOW!

Avi said...

People may know the saying in Hebrew “you try and take too much and you get nothing”. I can’t think of the exact English equivalent. My more right wing friends and relatives here in Israel tend to forget that there is no evidence for the existence of Abraham or even Moses for that matter.

However, when it comes to real politics and hasbara, reminding people of the fact that we were here 2000+ years ago, according to all acceptable historical sources is more than good enough to make a valid point.

The arrant idiocy of our opponents going on about Zionism being part of European colonialism is really beyond belief. If we speak the language of our European motherland, perhaps they can point out which colonialist power speaks Hebrew? Also, which group of colonists in Asia or Africa dug up archeological remains in written form from 2,000 years ago which any Israeli school kid can read.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this bit of earth-shattering news:

The group acknowledged that the idea of a sophisticated, flourishing society existing in Greece more than two millennia ago was a complete fiction created by a team of some two dozen historians, anthropologists, and classicists who worked nonstop between 1971 and 1974 to forge "Greek" documents and artifacts.,18209/

also I saw recently with one eye that there is something non-existing about medieval times.


Avigdor said...

This is a case of life imitating Latma. We're all a mosque!

Barry Meislin said...

Button pressing, par excellence. It has been absurd for some time now.

It has just gotten quite comic. Not surprising, though. What should be noted is that their stand-up routine has improved considerably and their timing is getting better and better.

(Now, is there anyone out there who still thinks that the "Jews" have any rights in the area between the Jordan and the sea?....)

Anonymous said...

no matter how they boo and bray
Israel is there to stay


RK said...

The way you wrote this, I assumed Fayyad was endorsing some crackpot theory about how the Western Wall wasn't part of the Temple, or that there was no historic Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, or some such.

Just in case anyone else is similarly misled, here's Fayyad saying no such thing:

"Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said that the Wall is part of occupied eastern Jerusalem and that its historic, cultural, and religious characteristics must not be changed."

Anonymous said...

"must not be changed" from what?

PA Ministry of Information: Kotel not Jewish


NormanF said...

Jews are expected to make peace with a people who disparage their heritage and lie about their connection to the country?

Where's the trust? Ya'acov, would you want to be friends with someone who lies about you and slanders you behind your back?

Why should Israel then give the Palestinians the time of day? They aren't deserving of even being considered "friends."

Barry Meislin said...

Never fear: here's some really good news!

...though it remains to be seen how many centuries it might take to implement this groundbreaking (not to mention, breathtaking) decision.

Still, if the glass is 95% empty and 5% full, one must still look at the bright side....

Anonymous said...

these last days I have learned that NIF says that in principle it doesn't support BDS with the exception of some groups who do just a litte of it.

in the second half of this video
you can admire a woman from Code Pink Women for Peace which partners according to NGO-Monitor
with NIF-funded Coalition of Women for Peace

the I-as-a-Jew brat from California with family in Israel also promotes
I'd say all in all very exquisite circles NIF helps along in its desire to teach Israelis democracy. Or should it be "democracy" what they are after?

At one point the brat says that a lot of us are also queer. I've been told that being queer amongst Palestinians offers a certain amount of thrills. Is that what they long for? the thrill of getting beaten up in real life?


Lee Ratner said...

This is why I hate it when people talk about respect for the holy places. What it really means is that Jews have to respect Christian and Muslim holy places and not vice versa. Jewish custody and control over the Kotel, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and Joseph's Tomb must be maintained. If we do not fight for our major rights than our minor rights will not be respected.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

It was built by Herod, about 900 years after Solomon. No-one ever said otherwise.

Wrong as usual. A very famous and mainstream Jew, and one often considered to command immense moral authority, claimed in a widely-publicized document that the wall is "the last vestige of Solomon's temple." See here.

So that this prominent Jew lied about the wall, and you lied about no one having ever ascribed it to Solomon. Looks like lying is not the prerrogative of the Palestinians in the ME conflict.

Yaacov said...


For the 6 months or so during which you shut up, the world was a marginally better place. I'm sorry you're back, tho I notice you have not become more educated in the interval.

I have no intention of responding to any of your comments anymore. From time to time I may post notices such as this, so that the record will show I wasn't embarrassed into silence by your comments into, but I'm not going to respond with substance. Substantial responses to malicious ignorance elevates the stature of your ignorance to the level of dissenting voice, and you don't know enough to be recognized as a dissenting voice.

Anonymous said...

Even in his self-declared field of knowledge i.e. linguistics Mr. Alberto José Miraya wannabe Ibrahim Ibn-Yusuf is as ignorant as can be -
I wonder, is that the reason he never participated in another scholarly endeavour on his, according to his self-description, pet-subject Catalan again? Did they recognize a fraud when they saw one also?

Pity the poor children of Rosario who have to learn their English from such a phantasist and pity the poor parents or whoever who have to pay for it.


PS: the only reason he shows up here is to generate traffic for his dismal blog - so don't go there and feed the troll