Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak is an American-Israeli Pawn (John Bradley)

A few hours ago Channel One of the Israeli television interrupted its program to show us a live speech of Barack Obama. We were told he was about to confirm the rumours that Egyptian  President Mubarak was resigning. Obama didn't quite say that, but given the framing, he did seem to be sayig something like it, talking about history happening before our eyes as the Egyptian people demands freedom, or something like that.

An hour or two later Mubarak announced he wasn't resigning.

The possibility that Egypt may have an antisemitic government sometime soon is unsettling. I'm beginning to fear, however, that the Americans have an inept government, quite over its head in international matters. To be honest, that frightens me more.

Anyway, we can still hope the Egyptian drama will end with a liberal democracy.

For the past hour or so I've been listening to Al-Jazeera in English. They're dumbfounded by the trun of events. OK, lots of people are. A few munites ago, however, they interviewed a fellow named John Bradly, who is the author of Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution. He had a clear explanation: the Americans and the Israelis are not willing to allow Mubarak, their puppet, to step down. He said this twice, so it wasn't a slip of tongue. He also expressed his outrage against the Israelis and the Americans for their behavior, noting that in terms of the numbers of participants in the demonstrations, the current Egyptian revolution stands next to the revolutions in Russia in 1917 and Iran in 1979, and how dare the Israelis and Americans try to stop history.

I haven't made up my mind if Bradley is barking mad, or right on the nail, or both. Probably both.


Unknown said...

Yes, and those revolutions worked out so well, didn't they?

But let me get this straight, Mubarak essentially told Obama to shove it, but somehow, it's the Americans (and of course they're all powerful Israeli handlers) that are preventing Mubarak from leaving.

What is it about about Western so-called experts on the Middle East that never ever believe that Arabs can actually act on their own accord?

Carrie said...

The possibility that Egypt may have an antisemitic government sometime soon is unsettling.

Egypt already has an anti-Semitic government. That much is clear. They may now have an Islamist anti-Semitic gov't, but let's not whitewash the Mubarak's regime's anti-Israel and anti-Jew propaganda. It was Mubarak's gov't and media after all that claimed Mossad sharks were attacking people in Sinai and a few days ago it was Mubarak goons who were accusing journalists and protesters of being Israeli and American spies trying to take down the gov't. In fact Mubarak is still insinuating this, even in his speech tonight.

Barry Meislin said...

OK, I'll say it: Speaking frankly, as an Israeli (or is that code word for Jew?), it's nice to feel one is so important...

And who knows? maybe Obama (Mr. Wright Stuff) himself thinks it's the Israelis (Jews?) who are telling Mubarak, "Stand firm, dear Friend!! Stand firm." (I mean isn't Bibi capable of anything when it comes to pissing off Obama?)

(Though It's entirely possible that Mr. Bradley, given the grand scale of his delusional abilities, is speaking about Arab Israelis....)

And if one absolutely insists on being in a zany, barking mood, here's something with some potentially fascinating ramifications to warm the cockles of your psychosis:

(Warning: handle with care...)

To be compared with (for a bit of comic relief after that fearsome tidbit):

(No, not fair, I know, I know. Still...)

Silke said...

this looks to me as if it is the original text from the London Times

In view of this I tried last night to undig the promise of also around end of January? by the Saudis to increase oil production by 3 %. I didn't find it, instead I found something on they and some of their buddies contemplating 2 %.

I imagine that's the equivalent of thumb screws these days.