Friday, February 11, 2011

Tariq Ramadan is a Liar

Barry Rubin carefully read Tariq Ramadan's op-ed about how benign the Muslim Brotherhood is (I wrote about this yesterday here), and says it's full of lies. Given Ramadan's intellectual stature, there's no chance he didn't know this.

Unless you can be intelligent, extremely well educated and an important public intellectual, and still not know when you're blatantly lying. Sadly, history teaches you actually can. Easily.


Carrie said...

OT & FYI, someone in one of the earlier posts said they could not distinguish 972 Mag from Mondoweiss, and I just wanted to mention that Joseph Dana (972) and Max Blumenthal (Mondoweiss) are co-writing articles together now on 972.

Sérgio said...

How is this Ramadan "important" as an intelectual? Maybe only as a liar and islamic soft preacher.

Anonymous said...

I repeat myself: Pulled out my copy of "Cairo to Damascus" which has an interview with Tariq Ramadan's grandfather, Hassan el Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhoood. (Pages 91-92.) Among the best sentences:

"The Koran should be Egypt's constitution, for there is no law higher than Koranic law".

"We are not eager to have a parliament of the representatives of the people, of a cabinet of ministers, unless such representatives and ministers are Koranic Moslems."


"We aim to smash modernism in government and society."

One can argue that the author had his own biases. Still... I trust him more than I trust the grandson.

Last time I mention that book.

Steven Zoraster

Barry Meislin said...

Come now, a liar?

But he is lying for GOD!!

(Surely that must count for something....even, perhaps, a great deal....even, perhaps, perhaps, the keys to the kingdom?)

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading Paul Johnson's book "Intellectuals." I recommend it to those who wish to see how much and how often intellectuals do lie.

Silke said...

to Sergio:

Ramadan draws crowds - so he may not be important as an intellectual but he sure is important. Ages ago I read some stuff on his home-page. If that is intellect then I am genius.

There is a German language blogger Gudrun Eussner who claims or claimed that there is something fishy about his Swiss degree or degrees. (if I remember correctly)
I am sure she'll be glad to answer mails in English.

Silke said...

Richard Millett reports from a performance of two other members of the intellectual stature tribe:

Shlomo Sand and Gilbert Achcar combined - enjoy! - don't miss the video it sure looks like Sand is a borderline case of something

Carrie said...

Paul Berman wrote a whole book on Ramadan's deception and the complicity of liberals in this deception called "Flight of the Intellectuals"

Silke said...

Paul Berman's book is said to be based on or inspired by this essay which is still online.