Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shooting a Schoolbus

There is only one way an anti-tank missile can hit a bright yellow school bus about a mile away: the shooter must take aim directly at it. This might not be the case on a crowded battlefield with multiple potential targets and the extreme tension of being shot at by the other side. But since that's not what happened near Gaza this afternoon, the only possible explanation is that a Palestinian gunman purposefully shot a tank-destroying missile at a school bus. The fact that the bus was mostly empty was a coincidence the gunman couldn't have known; it wasn't almost empty a few minutes earlier.


NormanF said...

They wanted to kill Jews - as many Jews as possible!

That Jews weren't killed today was a miracle. But sooner or later, Israel's negligence will result in a horrific loss of Jewish life.

Ya'acov, if it was your kids, would you be satisfied with what the Israel government has done in response? I think not.

Israel is too nice to the modern Amalek within.

Anonymous said...

A horrific development. We pray for the complete recovery of the victims.


Anonymous said...

"Amalek within?"

Who is that?

NormanF said...

The Arabs... they seem to live only to slaughter Jews.

And if it was within their power, they would kill every Jew in Israel.

Let's not delude ourselves about the deep seated hatred they have for the Jews.

Anonymous said...

The Egyptian election is in play. They're contesting it, doing their best to create circumstances that will lead to a brotherhood victory, which a shooting war with Israel would do effectively.

But Israel, stupidly, is not contesting it. It's time to end the nonsense according to which Jews and Israelis are neither seen nor heard on the domestic Egyptian scene. There should be Israeli political consultants openly roaming the country, appearing on television, helping peace parties make their bid.

This is what happens in every other country in the world, why not an Arab country.

If Arabs don't learn to see Israelis as actual human beings in a serious hurry, they will before long attempt to murder them.
... ...

But the Israelis are hiding behind their iron dome, being useless. Are you waiting for an invitation?

Y. Ben-David said...

This tragic incident reminds of the assurances we were all given when Sharon decided to destroy Gush Katif. Veteran Likudnik apologists of his would say "do you seriously think Sharon would do ANYTHING to endanger Israel's security?". Obviously, he would. They said the same thing at the beginning of Oslo regarding Rabin.
This has taught me that many of the top security and political people are either grossly incompetant or grossly irresponsible. They repeat the same disastrous mistakes over and over, and the media and much of the Establishment support carrying out these suicidal policies.
The main difference between the incompetance and irresponsible characteristics is that mere incompetance can be said to be well-meaning, irrresponsibility means they are actively indifferent to the lives of the population. My belief is the second, as painful as it is to confront that truth. The evidence of this was statements of the type Rabin made when the big terrorist attacks started--he accused those who protested the terrorim of being "cry babies" and "not real Israelis" who "keep quiet at times like this". I'll never forget an opinion column someone wrote in the Jerusalem Post wrote at the time: something to the effect that "for centuries in the galut (exile) we were forced to remain silent when we were persecuted and that we have come home we will NOT be told we must continue to remain silent for the conveniece of our rulers".
Although there are not doubt good, competent people in the military and political institutions of the country, I frankly have lost all confidence in them and I am not interested in listening to their propaganda. During the Lebanon II and Oferet Yetzukah wars I turned the radio off whenever the "parshanim" (Explainer-commentators) came on the air. Many were ex-generals and the rest were politically house-trained journalists and "Middle East Experts" and I couldn't bear listening to their drivel which was almost always . They have been proven wrong over and over yet they keep regurgitating the same nonsense. I preferred reading foreign newspaper coverage, they don't have a political axe to grind like "supporting the peace process".
This is a depressing situation, but there is hope. I particularly think that if someone like Moshe Ya'alon, who came out of the Left and yet now sees and expressed the truth that there can be improvement, but we have a long way to go.

Sylvia said...


"There should be Israeli political consultants openly roaming the country, appearing on television, helping peace parties make their bid.

This is what happens in every other country in the world, why not an Arab country."

When you're starting to believe your own propaganda, that's where it becomes dangerous.

The Egyptian people are the only ones responsible for their fate. To suggest that someone else should be holding their hand and guide them is simply racist.
What brought the Muslim Brotherhood to exercise this power in the first place is Obama's brutal interference in Egypt's internal affairs. Who has forgotten his calls to Mubarak to step down? Certainly not the Arabs.

As a result - as I predicted on this board from day one - America has lost the Arab world.
We won't be that stupid. Whatever government Egypt chooses, we must try to work with it providing they keep their end of the bargain.(They can sell their gaz elsewhere though as far as I am concerned).

As to your suggesting that Israelis interfere "in every other country in the world" this is a blatant lie.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia, with all due respect, you're missing the point. The point is that the direction of Egyptian politics is not something Israelis can afford to leave to fate, and is definitely not something Israelis can afford to have unfold with all the current anti-Jewish taboos and delusions in place.

You either combat the endemic dehumanization of Jews directly, now, or you'll find yourselves at war, soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, and whining to the UN about it isn't going to do anything. The only way to do it is to get on the ground in Egypt, get on television in Egypt, etc.

The Palestinians have no embarrassment at all about trying to influence Israeli politics. Hamas has no shame about using murder in the hopes of influencing the Egyptian elections.

Yet Israelis, for some reason, accept their status as Persona Non Grata in all Arab countries. It's disgusting, and ultimately deadly.

Sylvia said...

This is certainly a revolutionary idea, but an unrealistic one. This is just not how things work.
Any Israeli interference of any kind would just set the area on fire. Hamas may interfere because Hamas IS the Muslim Brotherhood and is given full media access. The Palestinians are Muslims and Arabs and they are THE Cause so of course they are given media access and the ability to present their side first (and most of the time their side only) to millions eager to gobble up anything that would help the Cause - even if they know it not to be true.
Dehumanization of Israel -and Jews - is nothing new and has also taken place in the days of Mubarak. Just look at old Memri articles to see for yourself.

What is of import is how far the Obama administration is willing to go in its support of the Muslim Brotherhood (make no mistake, Obama knew exactly who will rule Egypt when he told Mubarak to step down).
It will take a ruler more concerned with the mental, social and economic health of his people than with his own power - to change the mindsets. That won't happen any timesoon in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Israel should get on TV to loudly support the MB. I'm sure some kind of reason could be found.

The MB's vote would drop like a stone.


Silke said...

wonderful idea

if Jews were allowed to be devious, cunning, shrewd ...

Barry Meislin said...

Israel should get on TV to loudly support the MB.

That is absolutely brilliant!!

In fact, all Israelis should flock to the extreme (in fact, not-so-Loony) Left and advocate (with appropriate levels of violence, where necessary) the complete dismantling of their country.

Now that would certainly give Israel's Partners in Peace (Inc.) reason to pause.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner??!!

Well, better late than never.

File under: Thinking outside the box.