Friday, May 20, 2011

Nature is Stronger

Nature is stronger than Man, as these photos demonstrate.


Silke said...

here is a riveting tale about the river which I read some years ago and from which I remember vividly how one little correction demands the next and the next and the next and all the while the system becoming more and more complicated and harder to keep in check. On the other hand if you let nature do as she likes how do you secure the operation of big industrial plants let alone cities.

It is either back to a life in tents or cope with the dilemmata as best one can.

Silke said...

but in the light of the current brouhaha worth to join Yaacov's collection of how dissimilar similar events are dealt with

and hopefully next time around all remember that the IDF may take a bit longer to publish but ever since I follow them has proved to be rock-solid. Whether quick info and then correction is the better PR who knows. I personally prefer the IDF style, when they say something it is the final word.,1518,763937,00.html#ref=nlint

German Soldiers Fired Deliberately at Protesters

Until now, the Bundeswehr had denied any responsibility for the deaths of at least four demonstrators outside the camp's gates. On Wednesday evening, the Bundeswehr's website still said that the military had "no evidence" that attackers had been shot and killed by German soldiers. In several interviews, German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière had previously only said that he wanted to wait for the results of an investigation before making any concrete statements on the events.

Especially remarkable in the piece

Anonymous said...

Yaakov: The pictures show the exact opposite of what you claim. Look at them again!

Elliot Temple said...

lol? @ nature stronger, and the picture of a house's human-built protections working...

the 2nd nature pic seems to be about the power of helicopters, as far as i can tell from the angle

the third is about how ppl can stand in stuff wimpy enough to stand in, and then compose pictures

the 4th is about how ppl can use their hands to best nature

she looks proud. and should be.

then it's like "apparently human WHEAT can't prevent floods"

it's sorta like "lol nature pwned nature. meanwhile americans will not starve, b/c they are powerful"

then they have a pic about how flood waters < bridge

2 of that

yay bridges

then it's whirlpools > trees pic

for some reason

then more "helicopters are awesome"

then there's some guy. who isn't dead. score one for us?

next one is a dead fish i think

or maybe it's just confused

whatever. stupid fish

then it's like "hey look how much country club quality decor places can pwn water. they are fine and enjoying the free lake"

the red and blue roofs are a bit neat

nothing breaks the monotony of that picture EXCEPT our buildings

next pic is ppl in a boat



number 20 is cool

we have a "river control structure"

still working

they actually call it "Control" in the caption


dude, 22

the entire pic is water


a truck is driving. on it

it's not as deep as u might have thought

trucks pwn jesus at walking on water


the tiny dog is walking on the flood

that dog is like the size of 2 shoes

the dog is named Buster


30 is about tractors and grave walkways thru water


31: sometimes humans fail

but as we saw in 1, sometimes not

the last one, 40, the tree indicates the water isn't as deep as u might have thot

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