Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ambassador Reads Ruminations

Israel's ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, obviously reads Ruminations, else how to explain that he knows all this?

Update: and Israel's president obviously doesn't read Ruminations, else how to explain his ignorance of the fact that he himself has been in politics for the past 60-some years?


Anonymous said...


Wow. Prosser is left-handed.

And, am I noticing a mighty handsome pen, there? (I thought only Olmert was a "pen nut." As if you can't write, for much less money, with a Bic.)

Oh, and if you're counting "age" and "politics" ... how old is Livni?

Let me explain.

In Israel, it's not enough you're born a Sabra. To "make it" in politics you need to be born into the "right family."

Yet, no one would expect that Israelis would be suckers for aristocracy. Okay. That's the reason some stinking politicians, fearing "offspring" ... decided Omri needed to go to jail. Such a shanda.

Anonymous said...


Shimon Peres is talking about a job he never held. Unless having Katsav's ceremonial "chair" counts for some sort of points.

In America, we had FDR making runs for it 4 times. He died in office. But, basically, if it wasn't for his health, "he'd still be there."

We've also had "one termers." President Bush's dad was one of them. It's the boot the people use when they get angry, enough, and a politician's kiester is kicked out of office.

There are NO limits on how many times you can run for the Senate! Each time? You get 6 years. And, so, in the Senate, you get "fixtures." Men who have been there so long nobody knows what to do when they're gone.

Right now? Ted Kennedy's been in the Senate since 1968, I think. And, with his health? Limits come from this. And, he wants his wife to get his chair. Will she?

Look closely. Off in the wings is Mitt Romney. He's a republican. And, he's famous. He'd "settle" for this slot. After NOT making it into the GOP's nomination tent.

Oh, Ya'acov, I am so grateful people come here to read your blog!

When you teach, others learn.

Lydia McGrew said...

Nah, he obviously reads Jihad Watch, Dhimmi Watch, Little Green Footballs, and maybe Israel Matzav.